A Guide on Using dlnet.delta.com

The Delta Air Lines is one of the major airline companies in the United States and has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The airline company operates on both international and domestic networks serving all continents worldwide except Antarctica. The company is said to have about 5,000 daily flights and has more than 80,000 employees all over the world. In order to assist their employees in managing their career, they came up with a portal for them to use, which can be accessed through the dlnet.delta.com.


DeltaNet Employee Portal

The moment you access the URL of the employee portal, you will right away be taken to the homepage of the site. On the left side of the page, the very first link that you can find is the “DeltaNet Employee Portal.” Under this section, you will be asked to select from two choices, which are:

• Employees
• Retirees

Current employees of the Delta Air Lines will need to click on the “Employees” link. When they click on this, dlnet.delta.com will take them to a new page that says “Delta Extranet”. They will have to provide their username and password before they can log in to access their account. On the other hand, retirees of the Delta Air Lines Company will need to click on the Retirees link so they will be able to log in to the portal as well.

Delta AirLine Review

If you want to travel through air, you might want to try Delta AirLine. The airline company provides high quality service to their guests, which is what travelers look for. The assistance that the employees provide to the passengers is commendable. The travel experience that the airline company provides is also praiseworthy.

Make sure to check this airline when you want to go traveling to distant places because Delta AirLine is able to make each passenger comfortable in every flight.

Delta Airlines

Traveling with Delta AirLines

• Staff Service

All the staffs that are assisting the travelers on the flights are all respectful and accommodating. The employees are trained to be able to provide high quality service to guests in offering aid, comfort and answer to guests’ queries.

• Departure and Arrival

Delta AirLine is dedicated to providing the best service and that also includes punctuality. The flights are on time and quite comfortable for the passengers.

Delays to flights are managed with tact by the employees so that the passengers would be accommodated quickly.

• Luggage Delivery

Luggages are delivered promptly after the arrival of the passengers to their destination. Only a few minutes after deplaning, the travelers are able to get their luggage and leave the airport on time.

Delta AirLines – Flight Schedules and Status

If you want to know the details about your flight on Delta AirLines, you can check the Delta AirLines flight information on their website. The airline company has made sure to provide passengers with all the information that they will need regarding their flight.

delta airline

Guests will be able to determine the time of flights on various locations of Delta AirLines through the downloadable flight schedule file that is available for Internet users. There is also a flight status tool available at the airline company’s website to help passengers know the schedule of specific flights.

Flight Information

The Delta AirLines flight information provided by the airline company is quite helpful because it makes the booking of flights much easier. Because passengers know the fixed scheduled flights of Delta AirLines on each location or airport, guests are able to make necessary adjustments on their schedule.

• Flight Schedule

Delta AirLines flight information provides a downloadable list of the entire flight schedule that Delta AirLines offers. The file is easy to view and download. Internet users only need Acrobat Reader to be able to view the file.

Take Advantage of the Deltanet Employees Portal

Deltanet employees have the opportunity to interact with fellow employees and know more about the company and the opportunities that they can achieve through the Deltanet employee portal.The extranet portal is an exclusive gateway to Deltanet employees, retirees, business partners and friends who want to network with one another.

Deltanet Employees Portal

Deltanet Employee Extranet Portal

The extranet portal is a helpful feature of the Deltanet website because it provides employees and chosen individuals the chance to have access to information and services that help improve their productivity.

• Access to Records

The employees of Deltanet can access information about the airline company that is confidential for employees only when they access the extranet portal. This is quite helpful in improving the quality of their service, through proper evaluation of the information that the Deltanet employees can access.

• Helpful Guides

There are also useful guides that employees of the airline company can use to help passengers have a great time during their trip. There is Employee and Guest Travel Guide that employees of Deltanet can access, which will help them be familiar with various tourist destinations and accommodations. This will help them assist guests during the latter’s vacation or business trip or have a great vacation of their own.

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